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By koffeankreem, Feb 2 2019 03:00PM

The long awaited new release (It's My Time) from Sahrya is now away for mixing and mastering.

Koffe an Kreem Music have worked in the background supporting new songwriters Layton Cook Music who also plan an independent release under their own banner.

This is a great song, falling into a gentle Soul category, with lyrics that will resonate with many people. The instrumental is engaging with something new to find on each listen. Production is being completed by a top company we, ourselves, have been involved with in the past.

Look out for a special pre-release purchase launch via Sahrya's sites

By koffeankreem, Nov 28 2017 03:08PM

We are very pleased to announce that Koffe an Kreem Music will be the UK representatives for Tamla Motown legend Kim Weston.

Kim arrives in London on November 29th and will be travelling on to our Music Director Christella in Leeds on Dec 1st returning to London on Christmas Eve.

All enquiries via our Contact page here on the website.

By koffeankreem, Sep 1 2017 09:00AM

A bit of fun…

This is interesting and was triggered by the move to Hearthis as our song-hosting site. We began the Hearthis site a little over a year ago with a few songs samples and then, mid-August, uploaded all the songs (New marked with N) and replaced the samples with full-length versions.

Soundcloud is a combination of both (full & sample) and includes Artiste site figures too. Sale figures are now redundant as all but one song are free downloads.

So… Top Tens. We’ll run the Hearthis chart month-on-month

By koffeankreem, May 1 2017 09:00AM

Koffe an Kreem - MUSIC is undergoing a restructure.

With effect from 1st May 2017 we will be withdrawing from front-line management activities but the company division will continue as below…

The Music division will be re-structured in May 2017 with Christopher and Ben Hills as partners and Christella Litras as division associate and music director. Front-line Management Services cease but we continue to operate Support Services, Music Production and the boutique Record Label. Associates of Koffe an Kreem Records are currently Kofi, IJ Chris and Sahrya.

There are no changes to Koffe an Kreem – BEAUTY